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Tijuana has been left behind as the city made of cardboard, Mexico’s abandoned city, the illegal border crossing for many dreamers looking for a better future, or Tijuana the transit city. Today Tijuana makes you fall in love; it’s growing as a vertical living; it’s the best place to invest in Mexico, for walking, eating, and visiting the vineyards, beaches, and deserts.

Today are many good opportunities for investing; Tijuana is growing as vertical living and in many ways, such as, the economy’s growth, gastronomy, foreign investment, manufacturing industry, medical tourism, and traditional tourism.

Tijuana has become a paradise investment city for the U.S. and Mexico’s whole country. Today’s clients are looking for profitability, ROI, tranquility, great amenities, and a unique style. All the above, are an offer by Tijuana thanks to its growth and boom in the vertical living. Today´s are almost 30 condos in construction, bringing significant opportunities to make your investment portfolio that can profit in the good times and ride out the storms.

Tijuana: an investment opportunity and capital appreciation

Tijuana has become an investment city. Today’s Tijuana’s growth represents unique investment opportunities.

If we talk about the national Real State Market, Tijuana offers similar prices than the rest of the country but with a higher ROI. A property with the same price as one in Mexico’s cities gives you from 4% to 5.5% yearly; meanwhile, this percentage goes from 8% to 9% yearly in Tijuana.

Tijuana is a city that offers various investment options, a ¨dollar city¨, a place that has it all. Sea, desert, vineyards, international food, manufacturing industry, and medical tourism ranked Tijuana as the second place to invest worldwide. Tijuana is a neighboring city to California, a state that provides tourism and businesses to the city.

Today’s Tijuana grows and settles as the best city to visit. This city benefits anyone who decides to invest in it and in the Real Estate Market, which provides the most significant benefits. Investing in this city is a safe opportunity because Tijuana gives you an extra.

Tijuana outstanding medical service for the world

Tijuana receives thousands of patients every year, and these numbers are only going higher. Many factors are involved, for example:

  1. Tijuana location: it allows patients around the world to have easy access to medical healthcare.
  2. U.S. neighboring country: the American market is the most important one for Tijuana and the world. The North American neighbor has had many problems due to the lack of medical service and basic health insurance coverage. Americans can’t afford medical care because of skyrocketing costs. As a result, it occurs to cross the border for better healthcare access, affordable prices, and high-quality services.
  3. Low cost: Tijuana is well-known for its affordable prices in medical procedures. With a competitive price where certified doctors with innovative scientific approaches contribute to the medical system.
  4. Healthcare quality: specialists in Tijuana are giving the most hope and a good outcome. Providing services based on scientific knowledge and evidence-based guidelines. Similarly, outstanding customer service and social warmth significantly impact the doctor-patient relationship.

Tijuana offers customized-service, best-certified and well-known specialists due to their previous results from their work done. In fact, to make the good doctors you want and need.

Tijuana is the capital of medical tourism at a national level and very soon at a global level.

Doctors from all around Mexico have immigrated to Tijuana and will continue to do it. These specialists also offer excellent knowledge and bring their skills for contributing to further advancements in their field. An excellent medical and customer service for every citizen is crucial because offering a great human understanding of patients about medical research will improve patients’ lives.

Welcome doctors and patients all around the world; Tijuana is pleased to offer you a warm welcome!